IT Sourcing Solutions

IT Sourcing Solutions

file6681269982727 The IT industry is changing daily with new providers and new technology at break neck speed. In today’s diverse IT landscape, most IT professionals are unaware of the market pricing, and terms and conditions as it relates to hardware and software purchases and maintainence contracts. Convergent Technologies has a suite of IT sourcing services focused on helping our clients gain control, reduce costs and better align IT spend with the business leaders. Extracting costs from IT sourcing to fuel IT innovation is a key discipline for IT executives. IT needs to be viewed as a business enabler and not a cost center. When IT sourcing and service cost models are deliberately linked to IT’s financial performance, senior IT leaders are able to choose meaningful initiatives from an array of qualified opportunities and integrate financial discipline with operational discipline without eroding the quality of existing service performance.

We start by analyzing your business objectives, overall strategy and IT requirements. After a full understanding of your IT landscape and goals, we develop a strategy and plan that we present to you for your evaluation. Whether it is to manage the entire IT sourcing process or create an assessment, Convergent Technologies can engage at any stage of the process to support you and your sourcing teams.

Discovery and Assessment

Convergent Technologies reviews and examines your IT infrastructure services, contract validity, service dates, service level agreements, terms and conditions, and invoicing for accuracy. Once we have a full understanding of your landscape, we will create a management report that is presented to you based on our discovery and recommendations. Our assessment will include vendor and service quality optimization.

Budgeting and Cost Modeling

Understanding your IT costs and their effectiveness is not an easy task. Convergent Technologies will review and format your IT budget and track budget allocations per service category to ensure you have transparency into the budgeted expenses, investments, variances and reallocations.

Spend and Forecast Management

Convergent Technologies leverages deep industry experience to oversee IT spend, constantly challenges vendors on best of breed pricing and terms and conditions. Convergent Technologies will negotiate on your behalf or with you to reduce spend with vendors, identify areas of potential spend reductions, track metrics and industry indicators to produce a value matrix illustrating the effectiveness of your IT spend.

Sourcing file6681269982727

Sourcing the correct partners and technology is critical to the success of your business. Convergent Technologies will work with your team to identify internal and external benchmarks and metrics to determine the best technology, partner and value for your IT purchase. We create a strategy and baseline process to ensure that we are approaching negotiations effectively with each vendor and technology.

Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Convergent Technologies will manage the vendor evaluation and selection process for you, either through a RFQ, RFI or formal RFP process. During the discovery process, our team will work with you to pre-define the evaluation criteria and develop a scorecard in effort to stack rank vendors based upon the agreed to selection criteria. Our team will manage the process, vendors, proposals, counter offers, ROI calculations and present a summary analysis to your team for evaluation.

Contract Negotiation and Management

Contract management and negotiations is more than just getting the most competitive costs for your services. At Convergent Technologies, our negotiation preparation starts during the discovery phase. We seek to understand your business drivers and how they will impact your communications infrastructure decisions and direction. Our negotiation experience is based on years of industry knowledge from working with both clients and vendors. We can assist in the process or lead the entire engagement depending on your requirements. Our goal is to negotiated the best possible terms and conditions accompanied with industry leading service level agreements and costs.

Service Integration

Complete oversight of new vendors including building and establishing the business to business relationship. Convergent Technologies will create a communication plan with methods of contact and cadence. We will managed and establishing performance metrics for vendor performance and reporting to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Vendor Performance Mgmt

Convergent Technologies will develop the performance metrics, evaluation criteria and create a platform to manage each vendor, costs, terms and conditions and service levels throughout the lifecycle of the contract. We will facilitate the process through a series of monthly and quarterly recurring meetings with each vendor.