Mobility Management Solutions

Mobility Management Solutions

Management. Expense. Security. Control.

Managing the proliferation of mobile devices can be a cumbersome task for any organization. Convergent Technologies assist companies by reducing the burden of wireless lifecycle management while controlling expenses and providing real-time security to your organization’s data. Convergent Technologies supports your mobile environment from the initial assessment to device recycling. We serve as a dedicated extension of your team managing all aspects in the wireless environment. Our team’s focus is on superior service and support from a dedicated group of industry professionals.   Below are the services supported through Convergent Technologies Mobility Lifecycle Support Program. We can support the entire process or tailor a solution to meet your needs.


Convergent Technologies Mobility Lifecycle Support Program


Device Procurement

Convergent Technologies (CTI) will assimilate with your existing order process and comply with your procurement policies. Orders are processed within 8 business hours of receipt. We configure all new devices to your standards and deliver a device meeting corporate wireless policy to all end-users within 72 hours of order acceptance.

Mobile Device Management

Through our partnerships with some of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant leaders such as Airwatch, Mobile Iron & MaaS360, CTI offers a fully managed, automated, cloud-based tool for real-time security. Mobile Device Management software secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises.

Expense Management and Reporting

CTI will provide cost center reporting on all mobility related expenses (equipment costs, monthly recurring charges, international, texting) within 5 business days of invoice delivery. We will set benchmarks that will result in an email directed to the employee and corresponding manager. CTI will also assist you in administering a plan of action to minimize expenses. Customized reporting is available to selected administrators to review organizational spending as well.

Invoice Optimization

After a thorough review of each invoice, we will provide suggested changes in order to fully optimize the available plan options. Focus is placed on voice & data pooling options, text and roaming charges as well as non-approved 3rd party charges.

Asset Tracking

CTI will create a baseline inventory of all billable devices. Our focus will be directed to the unused or under-utilized devices. We will redeploy any possible device and team with our eco-friendly equipment purchasing company to generate cash from recycling company owned equipment.

Vendor Performance Management

CTI serves as the primary point of contact for all carrier and vendor interactions. We meet with those representatives to review new service offerings and facilitate recurring performance reviews.

Service Desk Support and Integration

CTI provides end user support for all mobility services during business hours (8am-5pm). We interface with all carriers to manage device related issues (plan/feature changes, warranty issues, cancellations or suspensions, liability transfer, troubleshooting) until resolution with full communication to the end user. CTI will also integrate its’ remote support staff with your service desk ticketing system. We will acknowledge, execute and track all order requests in-line with your current Service Level Agreements to your end user.Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.53.44 PM