Telecom  and Mobility Sourcing Solutions

Telecom and Mobility Sourcing Solutions

file6641312856947The world of Telecommunications is constantly changing and it’s challenging to keep pace with the constant evolution. The industry has become more complicated in recent years with new vendors, increased service portfolios, VoIP, Video, hosted applications and M&A activity. Getting a clear and concise understanding of the market place, the vendors and their service offerings is not an easy task. 
Convergent Technologies industry experts understand the industry, regulations and can provide a comprehensive suite of services to support everything from an assessment to the RFP strategy, contract negotiations to ongoing vendor management. We start by analyzing your business objectives, overall strategy and communication requirements. After a full understanding of your landscape and goals, we develop a strategy and plan that we present to you for your evaluation. Whether it is to manage the entire RFP process, support a simple audit or benchmark the current costs, Convergent Technologies can engage at any stage of the process to support you and your sourcing teams.

Audit and Assessment

Convergent Technologies will review and examine your infrastructure services, contract validity, service dates, service level agreements, terms and conditions, and invoicing for accuracy. Once we have a full understanding of your landscape, we will create a management report that is presented to you based on our discovery and recommendations. Our assessment will include vendor and service quality optimization.


Convergent Technologies team will benchmark your current infrastructure against the market, and organizations of similar size. Due to the ever changing marketplace and the increased M&A activity among providers it is paramount to implement a benchmarking strategy to understand your overall competitiveness and best of breed contracts. Let our industry consultant’s help you understand and managed the process in order to create a competitive edge for your business.

RFP Strategy and Management

Depending on your team’s requirements and capabilities, Convergent Technologies can develop and manage the entire RFP strategy on your behalf or be a valued partner to your team for any phase of the process. As part of our discovery and interviewing process, it’s important to align the vendor strategy with your organizational structure, goals and future requirements. Our goal is to streamline, simplify and select the appropriate vendor for you and your organization in effort to accelerate your business.

Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Convergent Technologies will manage the vendor evaluation and selection process for you. During the discovery process, our team will work with you to pre-define the evaluation criteria and develop a scorecard in effort to stack rank vendors based upon the agreed to selection criteria. Our team will manage the process, vendors, proposals, counter offers, ROI calculations and present a summary analysis to your team for evaluation.

Contract Negotiation and Management

Contract management and negotiations is more than just getting the most competitive costs for your services. At Convergent Technologies, our negotiation preparation starts during the discovery phase. We seek to understand your business drivers and how they will impact your communications infrastructure decisions and direction. Our negotiation experience is based on years of industry knowledge from working with both clients and vendors. We can assist in the process or lead the entire engagement depending on your requirements. Our goal is to negotiated the best possible terms and conditions accompanied with industry leading service level agreements and costs.

Vendor Performance Management

As part of our Telecom Sourcing Services lifecycle support, Convergent Technologies will also assist in managing the performance of the vendor, costs, terms and conditions and service levels throughout the lifecycle of the contract. We will determine and set the proper performance metrics, evaluation criteria and create a platform to manage it moving forward.