Don’t Miss out on Your Survival Kit!

Maverick is back with more FREE gifts!

Work from Home doesn’t have to be so hard! From September 21st through the end of 2020, users who complete introductory meetings with CTI will receive a FREE Work from Home Survival Kit! Check out for details!

Past Promotions

FREE Ray Ban Aviators

Maverick is giving out FREE Ray Bans!

Maverick is the ultimate Wingman, offering FREE Ray Ban Aviators to users who complete an introductory meeting at CTI between June 1st and August 31st. Check out for details!


Free Access And Support With Visage – Mobile Data & User Management

Activate a 100 mobile devices with us between March 1st and June 30th and get free access to our tool to manage your data and users with full support from our team free for a year.


Broadband Packages:

  • 150/20 Mbps Now $99.95
  • 250/25 Mbps Now $139.95
  • 500/35 Mbps Now $199.95
  • 1000/35 Mbps Now $399.95