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Managing multiple hardware Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) for multiple UFC GYM locations used to be a major headache for IT Director Greg Goodman. Troubleshooting problems, configuring systems and setting up new facilities took up the bulk of his time. 

“Technically our phone systems did work,” he recalls, “but they were very hard to manage. Setup was a big issue. It often took us 30 man-hours to install and configure the phone system in a new location.”

System maintenance was another challenge for Goodman and his team.

“We could only access the system by dialing in remotely from a specific location,” Goodman says. “It was a pain to do, and not at all convenient.”


All that changed when UFC GYM eliminated its individual hardware PBXs, and unified its U.S. locations on the 8×8 telephony platform. According to Goodman, setting up new locations now takes much less time and effort.

“Before, there were a million steps,” he says. “We had to order equipment, wait for it to arrive, work with the carrier and configure devices. The whole process used to take days, or even weeks. With 8×8, we just order new phone numbers and plug in the phones when they arrive. We can literally have a new location up and running within the hour.”

“Our 8×8 phone system is fully hosted, so there’s no software to update or hardware to fix,” he says. “Issues are very rare, and when they do arise, 8×8 takes care of them. Before, a simple thing like a Windows update could throw our whole phone system out of whack, and we’d have to spend hours troubleshooting it. Now that everything’s in the cloud, we don’t have to worry about a PC blue-screening.”


Industry – Fitness and Franchise

Lines Deployed – 234

Favorite Feature – Faster Setup

Number of Locations – 7

8×8 Product Used – Virtual Office

Reason for Switch – Eliminate PBX hardware

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