Why Us?

Why Us?

Because We’re Winning at Service Delivery

If Carriers did their jobs right, we wouldn’t have to be heroes. Don’t call into 1-800-ProbablyARobot and sit on hold for hours when your one stop for everything is CTI. Our decades of experience monitoring trends, forging relationships, and negotiating solutions for Cloud, Connectivity and Mobility products are all yours. Why waste valuable time and capital when the secret behind analyzing, identifying, negotiating, delivering, and managing providers is a feat we’re made for. 


We’ll fight the carriers so you don’t have to and help you focus on your success. Put your trust in us and take the leap. We’re fun to work with and we hold the keys to that complicated universe. Call us today – it’s easier than the bat signal.

Recently expanding, CTI helped us procure multiple circuits and add them to our network for our newest research facility. Quick and easy process and now we’re taking a look at what we can do to save money and increase performance at our other facilities here and abroad.

Director IT, International Pharmaceutical

We needed to price out a direct connection to the NYSE so we could decrease the time it took to react to market changes. They were able to pull together 8 different providers, compare them for us and allow us to pick who we thought would best fit our business model. They were on our side the whole time as we laid the plans for this project with the carrier and did most of the heavy lifting. The best thing? We never saw an invoice from them.

CIO, Major Financial Institution