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Founded in 2006, Xero today partners with more than 16,000 accounting and bookkeeping firms and serves more than a million small business subscribers. As Xero spent the past decade expanding across the globe, its IT team encountered common obstacles in scaling its traditional telephony infrastructure.

Like many fast-growing companies, Xero inherited a hodgepodge of PBX systems as it expanded its international footprint. Each new office in each new region signed up with a local vendor. These prepackaged on-premise systems required constant IT upkeep.


“We started looking at Dialpad as an opportunity to provide one global communications platform across all 17 of our sites,” said Andrew Jessett, General Manager, Internal IT, Xero.

Dialpad allowed Xero to consolidate company-wide conversations into a single Enterprise Communications Platform that works on any device, saving IT resources and freeing employees to work from anywhere. 

From New Zealand to San Francisco, Xero relies on cloud tools to support its global network of anywhere workers. Using single sign-on, employees have one-click access to all their applications, including Dialpad.

In addition to supporting Xero’s customer care centers, Dialpad also empowers the company’s sales organization to communicate via voice or business SMS—from anywhere. In Singapore, the company’s sales hub for operations across the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, Xero used Dialpad to establish local numbers for its team, lending credibility to reps when connecting with prospects.


Industry – High Tech

Headquarters – Wellington, New Zealand

International Offices – 17

Subscribers – 1 Million+

Employees – 1,400+

Reason for switch – Eliminate the Desk Phone

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